IT Solutions provided in person and online

IT related issues, whether that may be setting up your online business presence or trying to create your own website, can be tricky. JB IT Solutions aims to provide a simple and affordable solution to such issues, all while providing excellent customer service.

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JB IT Solutions aims to provide an exceptionally large range of IT-based services to all age ranges. We cover all of Surrey and can operate outside of this catchment area depending on the quote. We operate via an open-minded and malleable business structure. As a result, we are happy to accept small jobs which may be completed online or over the phone, and we can also handle larger complex based IT solutions, such as network configuration and mitigating cyber attacks.

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At JB IT Solutions, we aim to provide a relaxed, but professional service for our customers. We do not have any specifications for ideal customers. The primary aim of our business is to help people who struggle in the IT sector. We are incredibly malleable in terms of budget so please do not hesitate to contact us.



job success rate

We currently have a 100% rate of job completion and customer satisfaction.

in-person support

Support options are incredibly flexible and can be provided online or in person, subject to a callout fee.

Affordable services

We aim to break the IT market by provided far more affordable services than competitors, so please contact us to get a quote for whatever needs you have.


Various IT services are provided to our clientele. To list a few, we offer website configuration, LAN & WAN network planning, basic device set-up support, and cyber security solutions such as computer forensics and attack mitigation.

Network Planning
Strategic approach
Simple Business Solutions


Our aim as a business is simple, we want to provide IT services at an affordable cost. We accept the vast majority of jobs no matter the scale. If you have a family member who needs help setting up new devices, or you own a business and want to better your website/online presence, we can provide excellent solutions for you.

Operational Excellence

We operate on a flexible basis and can cover jobs in any country or time-zone.

Continuous Growth

Our company, whilst it currently operates on a small scale, is constantly growing and wants to reach as many people as possible.

Team of experts

We currently operate via a team of experts with 10+ years of IT experience, so the chances are there is nothing we haven't seen or done yet.

Projects Completed
Years of experience


Jake helped us out incredibly and provided a great professional service. He created us a great website, configured our cyber security, and really helped with our online personality. Our clients love our website and it helped me a lot with my online portfolio.

Russell Baldwin RIB Construction CEO

They are a great local company and I could tell the company genuinely love what they do. They helped me setup my Etsy ecommerce profile and online presence, it also helped that the price was affordable. Thank you!                                                            

Margarita Koleva Etsy Seller